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I'm back!

2009-03-17 14:47:20 by GyroSpazer

I havent been on in a long time, I got into playing wow (World Of Warcraft) and kinda lost sight of most of the things i loved to do (including flash) but now i'm back and i just wanted to say....HI! Hope to hear from most of my frieds soon, but for now, c ya!

My music

2007-08-30 23:52:22 by GyroSpazer

finaly i got my audio submitted Funky techno beat, i want to get a trophy for it so plz list and vote 4-5

Integer Productions

2007-08-30 05:13:53 by GyroSpazer

I'm making a flash team if your a good animator, atmosphic designer, scripter or charicter designer and you want to join post here.

Heres the info on HotLap

2007-08-28 10:06:33 by GyroSpazer

I'm going to keep working on it list what would help it and i'll try to stuff as much into it as possible.
Thanks for helping it make it onto newgrounds. ;)

Heres the info on LineBouncer

2007-08-28 04:07:13 by GyroSpazer

I'm going to add some levels, Music, Obstacles in the levels, i have fixed the infinite bounce thing for the most part. LineBouncer2.0 Coming Soon!


2007-08-27 03:31:00 by GyroSpazer

This morning I woke up and turn to strech and my back poped really loud and all the sudden it stopped hurting finaly I thought I was going to have to go to the chiropractor but all is well.

my back is killing me...

2007-08-25 22:26:04 by GyroSpazer

I got got home from my work today and all the sudden my back starts to hurt. I found out the bone is out of place in my lower back. It sucks because if I move wrong it pinches a nerve in my back and my leg starts to hurt. :(

I finaly got a new...

2007-08-25 04:42:37 by GyroSpazer

Finaly its been forever since i had my last Pc. About 9 month's ago my brother spilled juice on it when i had the computer open and it messed it all up. Just 2 day's ago i got a new one so im happy now, Its good to be back!